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Telescope Magazine N°2
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Telescope Magazine N°2

Telescope Magazine explores the intersection of art, technology and human creativity. The second issue features reflections on inclusivity in the creative community, a closer look at how fashion brands are adopting AI, the first ever generated video and more.
Issue N°2, Spring 2024

Please note, there is no way to request a specific cover with your magazine order. Covers will be distributed at random.

Existing pieces
1000 Copies
256 Pages
6.6”W x 9.4”H
“Artists, innovators and thinkers aren't simply reacting to change — they're the ones designing our new cultural world.”
– Alejandro Matamala Ortiz, Editor’s Letter, Telescope Issue 2
Drafted in New York, Designed in Chile, Printed in Canada.
Featured in Issue Nº2: Hilario Abad, Seif Abdalla, Andrea Aureli, Martín Bollati, Sarah Burkhardt, Gemma Costa, Daniel Scott Cribbs, Esteban Diba, Jenny Dyson, Lex Fefegha, Joy Fennell, Rotem Goeta, Dan Hammill, Horrorvacuai, Hypereikon, Sam Lawton, Javi Lería, Souki Mansoor, Matthieu Mantovani, Gabe Michael, Emad Khalid Mughal, Alejandro Matamala Ortiz, Anna Ridler, Erik Torstensson, Paul Trillo, Izgi Uygur, Jeff Wood, X New Worlds, Shang Zhu.
“They say everything has been done, but I think technology challenges that idea. I've never felt like there has been a time like this with so much fertile ground to explore. We're still out here with machetes and flashlights hacking away through the weird dark jungle, and discovering what kinds of creative paths AI is opening up.”
- Paul Trillo
“We are already seeing an emergence in all fields of creativity related to AI. It's limitless, it's a historical moment as significant as the invention of printing or photography. What is happening is radical and fascinating. In design, architecture, cinema, photography, stage design, music — AI is touching all artistic professions. Everything is going to be turned upside down. We're going to witness something incredible.”
- Matthieu Mantovani
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