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Telescope Magazine N°1

Telescope Magazine explores the intersection of art, technology and human creativity. This introductory issue features conversations ranging from the indestructible nature of creativity, to the persistence of story and the new visual landscape, musings on ethics and equity, behind the scenes and more.
Issue N°1, November 2023

Please note, there is no way to request a specific cover with your magazine order. Covers will be distributed at random.

Existing pieces
400 Copies
256 Pages
6.6”W x 9.4”H
“as we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era of human creativity augmented by artificial intelligence, having a telescope of one’s own is more important than ever.”
– Cristóbal Valenzuela, Editor’s Letter, Telescope Issue 1
Drafted in New York, Designed in Chile, Printed in Canada.
Featured in Issue Nº1: Amélie Haeck, Anastasis Germanidis, Claire L. Evans, Claire Xue, Cleo Abram, Cristóbal Valenzuela, Darren Aronofsky, David Winter, Deepti Ghadiyaram, Eve Duhamel, Hampus Lideborg, Jonas Peterson, Joshua Vermillion, Julien Vallée, Leilanni Todd, Lia Coleman, Menno Fokma, Mitchell Davis, Niceaunties, Paul Trillo, Ricardo Villavicencio, Souki Mehdaoui, Stephen Marche, Ta-ku, Younji Ku, Zack London.
“Imagine a world without beauty, without art, without poetry, without music. We desperately need it, like we need water or air. As much as this capitalist economy doesn’t really reward it, having the courage to create art, poetry or music and put it out into the world is such an amazing gift to give the rest of humanity. It really does feel like a basic human need.”
- Lia Coleman
“I think it’s hard to imagine every single corner it’s going to change and invade, but I think it’s also a really exciting time because there’s just so many possibilities for such a new type of visual landscape in so many different ways to start to emerge.”
- Darren Aronofsky
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