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Floral Phantasmagoria
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Floral Phantasmagoria

Floral Phantasmagoria is the second entry in an ongoing series of zines exploring a broad range of both speculative and real world concepts, by way of generative art forms. Presented without context or agenda, each zine explores a unique and independent segment of creative experimentation and conceptual interrogation.
Zine Nº02
Existing pieces
50 Copies
16 Pages
6.7"W x 9.8"H
A Kaleidoscope of Surreal Petals Dancing Amidst the Twilight Glow, and Other Oddities Sprouting from the Enchanted Tapestry of Imagination.
Floral Phantasmagoria: Unbelievable Blooms and Other Oddities
Embark on a journey through the surreal, where the flora whispers tales of mystery, magic and the infinite possibilities that bloom within the fertile soil of the mind.

Welcome to a botanical adventure like no other, where every page turns over a new leaf of wonder, revealing the marvels of flora that exist only in the boundless landscapes of the imagination.
Symbiogrove Sprouts are unique plants that form symbiotic relationships with miniature creatures. These botanical companions contribute to the plant’s growth and well-being, creating a harmonious coexistence between flora and fauna.
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