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A Dog's Guide to the Future of AI
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A Dog's Guide to the Future of AI

A Dog’s Guide to the Future of AI is the third entry in an ongoing series of zines exploring a broad range of both speculative and real world concepts, by way of generative art forms. Presented without context or agenda, each zine explores a unique and independent segment of creative experimentation and conceptual interrogation.
Zine Nº03
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6.7"W x 9.8"H
we believe that the next major advancement In AI will come from systems that understand the visual world and its dynamics. big models + big data = greater knowledge of the world.
A Dog’s Guide to the Future of AI: An Introduction to General World Models
General World Models will have the ability to generalize their understanding of things to new and unseen data. They know how to imagine the future based on their knowledge of the world. So they can predict not just the next token in a sequence, but also frames in a film or notes in a song.

We’ll be able to generate consistent maps of environments and worlds that we can then navigate and interact with. And not just the worlds, but the inhabitants within them as well.
Reuben also has an internal model of the world based on things he knows and has been trained on.
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